Zoom Live Transcripts


How to Turn On and Off Zoom Live Transcripts - Video Below

Live Transcripts Features

  • Realtime transcriptions are created
  • Attendees can turn these on and off as needed
  • Fonts are customizable
  • You can learn more here

Why Use Captions?

According to the CSU Chancellor’s Office, captioning video content is usually done to meet accessibility requirements, but captioning can offer so much more than accessibility – it can be used to open up new ways for all viewers to interact with your content and improve learning outcomes:

Several studies suggest the positive effects of captioning on recall and retention (Danan, 2004). Some evidence suggests that simultaneous text presentation, along with audio, can aid native and advanced nonnative speakers of English with word learning under certain conditions, as assessed by both explicit and implicit memory tests (Bird & Williams, 2002).”

What Do SDSU Students Think About Captions? 

“Subtitles are often helpful for me because sometimes I might miss a piece of information and reading it reduces the probability of me missing those details. Other times I might not understand what the professor/person has said so reading it helps me understand better.”

“In general, I'm a visual learner and I tend to learn better when I read/see things rather than just listening to them, it keeps me more engaged.”

"Sometimes if I read along with the audio I understand more clearly.”

“Well it's helpful because I can be certain what the speaker is saying. Sometimes even if I raise the volume it is difficult for me to hear what they are saying, or if I cannot raise the volume because I forget my headphones I can at least read what is being said.”

“They're helpful to me because sometimes I cannot understand what the speaker is saying so I use subtitles [captions] to help me”