ATI Activities at SDSU

The CSU’s Executive Order 1111 and Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) are our guiding principles to deliver accessible websites and instructional materials, and procure technologies that meet accessibility requirements. This reflects SDSU’s commitment to provide access to information resources and technologies to individuals, regardless of varying abilities.

Welcome Rahim Baker, New ATI Coordinator for SDSU on December 9, 2019

Rahim Baker from CSU San Marcos joined SDSU on December 9 as ATI Coordinator and Project Lead. Rahim brings a wealth of ATI knowledge and experience so we are very excited to have him on board, as he will be able to share some valuable insight and best practices from San Marcos.

Siteimprove Replaced Compliance Sheriff Web Scanning Tool

The ATI Steering Committee was able to secure the funding via PBAC to replace Compliance Sheriff with “Siteimprove”, a more robust and easier to use web scanning platform. This tool is easier to use, which will increase user participation. It provides more accurate reporting especially with color contrast and is able to deliver targeted notifications so the University can send monthly email notifications to web developers and content providers. This is a more proactive apprach in order to improve web accessibility for the University.

Existing Siteimprove accounts will transition from a trial mode to paid subsciption with access to additional features. Siteimprove will assign a Customer Success Manager to provide a personalized onboarding process, training and support for SDSU.

SDSU will Automate Information Technology Procurement Review and Approval Process by Spring 2021

Our campus is planning to automate the information technology procurement (VPAT/EEAAP) review and approval process to streamline current manual process, which is inefficient and time consuming. This will reduce workload for campus departments, ATI and Procurement staff. The new ATI Coordinator, Rahim Baker, will lead this effort.

SDSU Submitted FY 18/19 ATI Annual Reports for President ATI Summary Report on November 14, 2019

Each year, 23 CSU campuses are required to submit ATI annual reports for instructional materials, web and procurement of technology products. Coded Memo AA-2015-22 issued December 2, 2015 included requirements to address the systemwide audit findings from the audit completed in 2015 (Audit Report 14-28). Audit recommended that each campus submit a summary of accomplishments and remaining effort to inform the campus President as to the yearly status of the Accessibility Technology Initiative (ATI) on the campus. The purpose of the President Annual Summary Report is to build or maintain executive support on the campus. This year SDSU submitted the 18/19 ATI Annual Reports and the President ATI Summary Report on November 14, 2019

SDSU Submited the CSU Addressing Accessibility Requirements Project (CAARP) on September 6, 2019

On February 19, 2019, the California State University system charged its 23 campuses with developing individual campus plans to accelerate the implementation to ATI called CAARP (CSU Addressing Accessibility Requirements Project). San Diego State University developed a three-year roadmap summarizing the tasks involved for each priority area, actions and resources needed, milestones and deliverables. The University's goal is to move SDSU’s ATI maturity level to a minimal baseline or above for all ATI goals by Academic Year 2021-2022. The CAARP Report for SDSU was submitted to the Chancellor's Office on September 6, 2019.

Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) implementation at SDSU is a collaboration effort among campus stakeholders, ATI Steering Committee, and ATI working groups for instructional materials, procurement and web accessibility. San Diego State University is committed to promoting a culture of inclusive technology and meeting our accessibility obligations and compliance to ensure a high quality education for all.