ATI Communications Plan

To support the communications needs of the SDSU Addressing Accessibility Requirements Project (CAARP), as aligned with the California State University System, the CSU Communications Model (below) has been significantly adapted for SDSU.  Fully developed, it will provide a framework and timeline for communicating SDSU's commitment, efforts and helps us identify who, what, when and how information will be shared.

Communications Pillars and Key Messages:

  • SDSU is committed to a culture of access and an inclusive learning and working environment.
  • ATI and Universal Design bridge communities of different abilities, creating an inclusive environment.
  • Leadership support and campus collaboration will effect beneficial change.
  • Open, transparent communications is paramount.

Identify Audiences and Stakeholders for the following tasks:

  • Planning and Implementation
  • Enforcement
  • Responsible for Compliance
  • Users/Beneficiaries
  • General Audience
  • Advocates

Identify Deliverables and Timeline for implementation:

  • Due Date
  • Action Items
  • Responsible Party
  • Status

Campus Stakeholders:

The President's Office, CIO & ATI Sponsors, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Provost, VP's, Faculty Advancement, University Senate, Deans & Associate Deans, Department Chairs & Directors, all Divisions at SDSU, Auxiliary Units, Web Developers, Content Creators, Procurement staff, ATI staff, Steering Committee and Working Groups, Human Resources, Budget & Finance, Student Ability Success Center, etc.

San Diego State University's communications plan was drafted for continual updates and implementation.  A draft plan was submitted as part of the CAARP report submitted to the Chancellor's Office on September 6, 2019.